Technical Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

The Technical Writing Course offered by Dr. Martin G. Lüling is a unique opportunity to improve the skills of writing research papers and technical reports. Dr. Lüling builds his course on his own experience in research and industry. Its methods have proven to be effective in meeting the constant need for knowledge transfer and information exchange in research and product development.

The teaching course lasts five days from Monday morning to Friday evening. Participants bring their own topic, their own writing assignment, to write and edit their own document over the course of the course. Dr. Lüling describes the methods to organize the workload of the writing and divide it into small steps. He guides the participants through their own writing practice with short explanations and instructions and plenty of quiet writing time. At the end of the day during the course, Dr. Lüling collects the written chapters and sections of the day from all participants and prepares suggestions for improvement for the following day.

The course is limited to 8-15 participants to ensure a lively exchange and personal help for the participants. This limited number also allows daily corrections in good quality for all participants. Each participant receives a handbook, which accompanies the course and can be used as a reminder at a later date.

While the classroom teaching in is best suited for personal training, we also offer a video-based program for those, who want to learn the basics of technical writing at home. Upon request, the participants of the video course can also benefit from the daily review and correction of scientific papers during writing from LulingTech. At the end of the course, LulingTech offers translation of the document between English, French and German. The video-based program will be available in the third quarter of 2022. The handbook for scientific and technical writing will also be available (print or e-book) and will complement the video program.

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