About Us

About Us

LulingTech’s Mission

LulingTech is a company based in France, founded in 2021. The business focuses on scientific activities, with three central lines of work: communication, consulting and creation. Building on company founder Martin Luling’s decades experience, LulingTech seeks to provide custom, specialized assistance in customers’ scientific pursuits, and produce in-house innovation as well. In line with the contributions to academia, research and industry, LulingTech has a broader aspiration to gear scientific-industrial activities towards a sustainable future.

LulingTech Founder and President

Martin Luling is a physicist with a PHD from Princeton University. During his 35 year career at Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Martin developed the necessary tools to bridge the worlds of academia and industry. Through his extensive time between company research centers and university lecture halls, he imagined a service entirely dedicated to complementing both sectors, and facilitating the flow of activity between the two, in the name of scientific progress and advancement. Martin Luling’s full CV here.

LulingTech Co-Founder

Simon Luling has been contributing to the foundation of LulingTech from its inception. With 10 years experience working in media, primarily in documentary and educational formats, he leads efforts in LulingTech’s communication angle – producing lectures and courses destined for both academic and professional frameworks. Furthermore, Simon oversees the company’s operations, ensuring the scientists focus on science.

Luling Tech SAS

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